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White Sands

Visiting White Sands a few months ago was surreal. Having lived in Albuquerque for 4 years, I'd always wanted to go but never made the trip. It was finally time. And after a 5 hour drive down from Albuquerque armed with snacks, and as little stops as possible, there it was, White Sands. Or at least, some white sand? Along the side of the road?

After a brief drive through the park entrance, finally and suddenly there they were, the seemingly endless dunes of white sand so many people have insta'd, soft enough to sink your feet into. It was hard not to stop every second and be amazed. With so few people there, it felt calm, and oddly thrilling to have a national monument (sort of) to yourself.

I don't know what I was expecting. I mean, it's named White Sands. And yet, I was stunned to see acres and acres of white. Sand.

Who knew the name would be so accurate?

In the calming quiet of the reflective sand, I took a few snaps to remember it by. Both wanting to be in the moment but also wanting to capture it so that I could revisit it later. It's odd how exciting it can be to marvel at national monuments, and also how soothing it is to be surrounded by shimmery dunes of white sand.

Picnic tables at White Sands

Have you ever been to White Sands? Did you expect it to be so white and shiny and full of sand? Let me know in the comments below!

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