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New Dorp, New York

The plan, was to head out by 9a.m., and spend the day exploring New York on my own. I was going to take the train in from New Jersey to Penn Station, and if everything went right, I was going to walk around, have some coffee and return by the end of the day. Easy, straightforward. So that's what didn't happen. What did happen, is I made it out by noon and was in Penn Station by around 1. From there I made my way to Times Square. So far, alright. But slugging through the humidity. This was not a good day to wear all black. Oh well. After an extended visit to the flagship Forever21 to explore and cool down, I decided I'd try again. More exploring. I'd take the train and end up...somewhere? I ended up in Long Island, definitely not what I intended. Far from what I intended. By the end of the day, I was defeated by the subway. Frustrated, sweaty, and bonding with French tourists as disoriented as I was. No, I do not know how to get back to Times Square, I'm lost too. I was definitely missing those West Coast palms and the independence of having a car. I ended the day back in Hoboken, happy for the first time, to be back in New Jersey.

Call it what you want, but I'd rather spend hours in traffic with some non-native Palm trees to keep me company, than hours looping around disoriented on a train.

That being said, Yankee Stadium's not so bad.

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